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Up to 2 nights $150, subsequent nights $30

BCA’s new Float E2 avalanche airbag packs use an Alpride E2 supercapacitor system to store energy that powers the compressor upon deployment. This makes supercapacitor performance much more reliable in cold temperatures. For the same reason, the energy stored in a supercapacitor releases faster when activated for deployment. 

Included AA batteries allow for practice deployments.

Weight 6.1 lb / 2,792 g

Mammut Trion 50
Up to 2 nights $30, subsequent nights $15

Many years of experience with alpine backpacks make the Trion 50 an essential companion in the mountains. 

A great option for overnight touring trips.

50 litre capacity

Mammut Nirvana 35
Up to 2 nights $30
, subsequent nights $15

35 liters pack perfect for day touring or heading out to the Kees and Claire hut.

The fully opening rear zipper allows generous access to the main compartment, even when a snowboard is attached to the front. Inside, there is also a molded, soft-lined compartment for your ski goggles.

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