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Sleeping Pads

If you desire a cozy and comfortable night's sleep in the backcountry, an indispensable item is a sleeping pad.


Closed Cell and Foam Pad Combo
Up to 2 nights $30, subsequent nights $10

If you plan to spend the night in a snowy tent, it's recommended to opt for this choice. It includes two pads - a green closed cell foam pad and a self-inflating, high-density foam-core cold-weather Hinman Big Agnes pad - which effectively insulate you from the cold ground and provide ample warmth.


The combined pads are a bit bulky but can be easily strapped to the top or bottom of a backpack.


Additionally, the closed cell pad is ideal for sitting on while having dinner, as it doesn't absorb any moisture.


The total weight of both pads is 1.3 kg or 46 oz.

Hinman Foam Pad
Up to 2 nights $20, subsequent nights $10

The Hinman pad boasts a self-inflating, high-density foam-core construction, with a two-way adjustable valve that simplifies inflation, deflation, and micro-adjustments. Its soft, stretch-fabric top ensures a comfortable and resilient sleeping surface.


While the pad may be slightly too big to pack inside your backpack, it can be conveniently strapped onto the exterior.


Its weight is 0.90 kg or 32 oz.


Q-Core Deluxe Insulated Pad 
Up to 2 nights $30, subsequent nights $10


The Insulated Q-Core Deluxe pad is designed to offer an unparalleled sleep experience, with a focus on comfort and performance. Its I-Beam construction reduces pack weight while ensuring consistent stability, and the quilted two-way stretch top provides an ultra-comfortable and whisper-quiet surface. The larger outer chambers help to cradle you comfortably in the middle of the pad, while advanced heat-reflective technology using PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation ensures you stay warm throughout the night.


A comfy yet packable option. This will fit well inside your backpack and will work well for a hut trip. ​

Weight 0.7 kg or 25 oz

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